Join me for the next round of LIVE Priestess Path training!

Valkyries are strong feminine figures in Norse Mythology. They live in both heaven and earth conferring blessings and protection to sacred warriors. As we return the mantle of priestess to our world, the template of a Divinely empowered feminine —The Valkyrie– carries a potent memory for all women at this time.

In the Valkyrie initiation, you will deepen your personal connection to the Goddess and the Divine, connect to the angels and your spirit guides, and learn how to use priestess wisdom to manifest your sacred dreams! You will also the receive rare and ancient warrior codes traditionally passed down only to serious black belt students and masters that will empower you with rare knowledge to walk this earth as a sacred warrior. Valkyrie is a safe and loving space for women of all ages, races and spiritual orientations.

A Personal Letter from Elizabeth…
Welcome to the Priestess Path Valkyrie Initiation!

I created this initiation for women who desire to step into the power of your spirit and activate your unique beauty and blessing to share with the world. I picked the most potent and useful initiations that I went through on my spiritual journey that I use the most in my life. This is the school that I yearned for when I came of age and looking for the sacred wisdom I knew existed, but I could not find. Many of the initiations in Valkyrie come from my mystic experiences and from the many years that I formally apprenticed particular lineages. This is an initiation for women who wish to stop playing small and desire to blossom into the authentic, empowered and abundant life you were born to live!

I knew early on that my path was that of the mystic. On the eve of my nineteenth birthday, I had a near death experience that altered the course of my life forever. When I was returned to my body, I came back with the knowedge of our eternal nature, that we have a spirit family on the other side, and that we are here for a specific purpose. After this, I yearned only to immerse myself in the study and lifestyle of the sacred.

After this, my struggle with “conventional reality” peaked and I could no longer keep up the pressure of fitting in. My love was for spiritual initiation, so I quit college to pursue my true soul’s calling — to become a medicine woman, priestess.

For years, I struggled with earning a living and with relationships, wising I could just join a Temple, or sleep on the floor of a master and I could devote myself fully to the study of the Divine with no distractions… but there were no temples!

This fueled a lifelong search for lost and hidden sacred information, and I ended up piecing together my own sacred education for decades apprenticing masters and grandmasters in what I call the “Lineages of Light. For decades, I traveled the world, often alone, at times risking my life to gain this wisdom.

On my travels, I witnessed the heart-breaking results of “modern” civilization that does not honor nature or the sacred. I witnessed the devastation of our environment, trash, poverty, the suffering of the indigenous people and the animals. The pain was so much… but it only strengthened my desire to do something about it.

On the Road Less Traveled, I sought and found lineages where real masters still exist. I apprenticed a few of these lineages and ended up earning five black belts, owning five martial art schools, and becoming the first female master instructor in my martial art organization. I became an initiated priestess in 1999, and have taken part of many shamanic initiations. I have had a healing practice sine 1991 and have worked with thousands of clients and students.

The message to initiate women formally and in a larger way came in a vision nine years ago, the Golden Goddess came to me. She took me into her fold and told me that the earth was suffering for lack of the nourishing feminine energy. She then said that “the time was now” and she gave me my marching orders: To help anchor in the Divine Feminine here on earth. And that is when I began to formalize the Temple teachings I had yearned for as a young woman so long ago.

After decades of initiation, apprenticing sacred arts, and living on this earth I see that the time has come for the sacred warriors and the Divine Feminine to return.  Women in particular have a window of opportunity right now to step into our power to positively affect the world.

The Return of the priestesses has been prophesied.

Priestess Path Valkyrie offers Temple teachings from the Lineages of Light:

  • How to personally connect to the Divine
  • How to channel Divine energies of healing and blessing
  • Powerful womb healing practices
  • How to connect to your spirit guide(s) and spirit family
  • How to call in and nourish the Divine Masculine
  • Protection and Banishing ceremonies

The truth is, the Priestess Path Valkyrie is not for everyone.

This is a real initiation for Light Warriors and it will accelerate your evolution and growth. What is not in alignment with your Divine purpose and Divine energies will be leaving your life. This is a program for women who are sincerely devoted to the Divine and truly ready to shine their light and live in the love of your higher purpose.

We will also be diving deep into spiritual warrior concepts and feminine energies that are part of rare master lineages and you’ll have the chance to embody the power of your true nature and of the Divine. You will be asked to stand in mature power and integrity.

So if you’re ready to accelerate your spiritual growth and join a community of like-minded sisters dedicated to the Light, I invite you to join us today as the priestesses return and we make history.



The call of the Goddess is resounding through the cosmos.. and we are listening!

The Divine Feminine is on the rise, as has been prophesied. The Rainbow Warriors and the Wanderers have returned to anchor in the Divine and protect this sacred ground.

The Quickening is upon us. Our consciousness is evolving, and we are becoming aware of our sacred and eternal nature… and of the task at hand.

The world is sorely out of balance due to the desecration of this earth and of the feminine. We must return the sacred feminine to the planet if this world and our future generations will survive.

This is an invitation for women who feel called to the sacred to step into your unique power and embrace your authentic voice and abundant blessings.

IMAGINE… receiving support, sisterhood and rarefied knowledge & guidance so you can:

Access The Divine: Receive tools that create a stronger connection to the source of all miracles and abundance

Activate Your Mission: Get clear on your soul purpose and feel confident using your sacred tools

Heal and Bless: Align with the healing and manifesting power to live your greatest dream and be a blessing


Full details of the course will be shared as we near the initiation!

Dates of the course are September 24th – December 24th, 2020.

© The Priestess Path Elizabeth Wilcock 2015-20