The call of the Goddess is resounding through the cosmos and we are listening.

The Divine Feminine is on the rise, as has been prophesied. The Rainbow Warriors and the Wanderers have returned to earth to anchor in the Divine and protect this sacred ground. The Quickening is upon us. Our consciousness is evolving, and we are becoming aware of our sacred and eternal nature… and of the task at hand.

The world is sorely out of balance due to the desecration of this earth and of the feminine. We must return the sacred feminine to the panet and respect her if this world and our future generations will survive.

This is an invitation for women who feel called to the sacred to step into your power and embrace your Divine path.

Valkyries are powerful female figures from Norse mythology. They travel from Heaven to earth carrying wisdom and protection for the sacred warriors. The Priestess Path Valkyrie initiation carries teachings from five Lineages schools of Light that I have personally apprenticed for over thirty years. Within these teachings, lie my most cherished initiations of healing, Divine connection and empowerment that are essential tools for global, sacred feminine leadership and I am super excited to share them with you!

IMAGINE… receiving eight weeks of rarefied knowledge & guidance so you can:

Access The Divine: Receive tools that create a stronger connection to the source of all miracles and abundance

Activate Your Divine Mission: Get clear on your real purpose and feel confident using your sacred tools

Heal and Bless: Align with the healing and manifesting power to live your greatest dream and to be a blessing









To join me for this next round of LIVE Priestess Path training!

In the Valkyrie initiation, you will deepen your personal connection to the Goddess and the Divine, learn to how to call in the angels and your spirit guides, and how to use priestess wisdom to heal others and manifest your sacred dreams! You will also the receive rare and ancient warrior codes passed down only to serious martial art black belt students and masters that will help you navigate this earth walk as a sacred warrior.

You have a unique gift to give the world.

Join like-minded sisters on a transformational journey into mystic wisdom. Enjoy video trainings, live group coaching with Elizabeth, a dedicated Facebook Group, workbook materials, and weekly exercises.

Valkyrie is offered only once a year, so sign up now if you want to initiate your soul and activate your sacred calling!


We live in a very exciting time when the old paradigm of patriarchial-industrial abuse and corruption is crumbling right before our very eyes. The desecration of the earth, the feminine and innocence is stopping as women are standing up for the sacred. Many women are feeling inspired by the rising sacred feminine energies and do not want to work a “regular” job or participate in earth-damaging lifestyles. I totally get it. The conventional paradigm burned me out at an early age and I decided to quit college and “conventional reality” to go off on my own to find the mystic initiations of a medicine carrier, priestess, which I knew was my true soul’s vocation. 

However, stepping into a spiritual life can be disorienting and even dangerous without proper training.  Just as a black belt requires training, so does a medicine woman/priestess to responsibly and effectively carry this mantle.

Finding credible tools and teachers can be difficult. I was deeply frustrated with conventional education as a young woman and was literally dying from being in a system that did not honor the spiritual world, and the sacred. When I needed initiation, there was no one around to do it. Because I could not find a credible female teacher as a young woman, I was initially preyed upon by corrupt men who paraded as sacred medicine carriers, before I eventually found credible sources.

After many years of traveling the world, apprenticing masters and grand masters in the mystic arts, earning five black belts, running five martial art schools, studying shamanism, and having many mystic initiations, I was guided to create my own mystery school to make it much easier for women to be initiated into the sacred arts!

Priestess Path Valkyrie contains the main pillars of the Priestess Temple that uphold a Goddess-nourishing, divinely inspired and protected spiritual practice.



“Elizabeth is uniquely qualified to deliver this information to us women because she has been studying it for so long and has had some of these ancient secrets handed down to her.”



I did not grow up being taught to follow my inner guidance or to have a personal connection with the Divine. This caused massive suffering and resulted in a life-threatening illness and hefty dark nights of the soul.

As a child, I knew something was really off. I was an empath, ultra-sensitive and had many spiritual experiences that no one else around me was having. I felt very alone and depressed at an early age, but I felt completely at home in nature, with animals and in with angelic spirits. Certain childhood traumas had opened me up to my spiritual gifts, while at the same time they resulted in a life-threatening illness that landed me in the hospital by age 17. Conventional treatment for my eating disorder actually made the condition worse, but something deep in my soul told me there was sacred wisdom that could heal me.

I found my first initiations in the shamanic path at age 17. After sincerely working for my healing, I experienced a profound near death experience (NDE) at age 19 that changed my life forever. Upon “dying” I was shown many secrets of the universe, merged with the One, then re-awakened as I was being brought back into my body through the Christ Light. I have never been the same, but my initiation was only beginning. A few months later, I was gifted a miraculous healing by the angels. It was then that I dedicated my life to the priestess path. I quit college to to get the real education I needed for my soul’s vocation as conventional schools did not teach the mystic path.

This sacred education was not easy to find. I had to travel the world and offer myself to very long apprenticeships in order to receive the wisdom of these ancient lineages. For many years, I did menial jobs just to get by, and focused everything on my training.

I risked my life getting this education as I traveled to distant countries by myself to learn from certain teachers. Many of the initiations required me to pierce the veil of the spirit world through dangerous vision quests that few men or women would agree to. My family worried about me constantly and urged me to go back to “school” but I knew I was in the school I needed to be in — a hard core mystic school. On the outside, to some, it looked like I was going nowhere, but on the inside, I knew I had to take this “road less traveled” if I was going to find the wisdom for my sacred calling.

Dark nights of the soul found me. As I blazed new trails I also found dark alleys on the road less traveled. Falling into these dark nights and having to heal myself from them has given me some of the deepest wisdom now offered in Valkyrie. During my darkest night, I prayed for God to take me. I tried to will my spirit back to Source numerous times, but it didn’t work. I finally gave the up and said, “fine, then, use me for something good.”

After this surrender, a new initiation began that involved a deep communion with the angels. Numerous times, I was visited by one particular angel who came to imbue my soul with light so that I could “handle the higher frequencies”. Other times, I was granted visions of the angelic hosts assembling and telling me of the times to come. After this angelic initiation, I was directed to offer my teachings to a wider audience.

I have to admit, NONE of this was easy! I took me decades of tough searching and apprenticeships to accumulate the experiences necessary for my path as a priestess and medicine woman. I was so frustrated that I could not just enroll in a mystery school as a young woman, that I created one myself! This is why I offer the most powerful initiations that transformed me in Priestess Path Valkyrie — so you do not have to go through what I did in order to get them.




ho am I and why would you listen to me?

Well, I am a trail-blazer, devotee of ancient wisdom, divine adventurer, and sacred warrior. From an early age, I was having spiritual experiences that eventually led to me devoting my life to being a medicine carrier / priestess. Because I could not find the knowledge I needed for this path in conventional education or reality, I had to blaze my own trail to get it. On this path less traveled, I discovered real lineages and real masters. I became an initiated priestess, I earned five black belts, owned five martial art schools, and became the first female master instructor and lineage carrier in our organization. I graduated from a deep shamanic initiation and completed over 70 Ayahuasca shamanic initiation ceremonies. After many years of personal exploration and teaching, I was guided to congeal the sacred teachings into a temple mystery school to make it easier for women like you to get this sacred education.

I was fortunate to have “good teacher karma.” My teachers in both the material and spiritual realms saved my life. Were it not for their strength, mastery and devotion, I may have fallen too far. After being hospitalized with a life-threatening eating disorder at age 17, I was inspired, by necessity, to find a way to heal the soul. At age 18, I began studying with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman in The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and was one of the youngest to graduate from their Three-year Course in Advanced Shamanic Healing. My formal priestess emergence occurred in 1999 after an intimate year-long initiation.

Immediately after that, I deeply apprenticed masters in the martial arts devoting my life to this path for over over 20 years now. I earned five black belts, ended up owning and operating five martial art and medical qigong schools, and become the first female master instructor in those schools, training thousands of students.

Years later, I established my own priestess school, The Priestess Path Lineages of Light as a way to give back the teachings that have been given to me.


It is with great respect for my teachers and these lineages that I offer the Priestess Path Valkyrie to you!


"The western woman will save the world."



Fell they have a Divine calling and want to activate it now!

Wish to be a beacon of light and to bless this earth

 ▲ Are ready to attract & honor their Divine Beloved

Choose to change the world for good

Here are a few signs you are a priestess soul ready for initiation:


You feel a sense of pressure that you need to find your purpose.



 You sense that there is something important for you to do to bless this earth.

You have likely experienced relationship problems,
because others don’t fully see or understand you.

You know you have special abilities, but you were never taught to use them.

Conventional jobs and lifestyles freak you out and if you are in them, they often make you feel like you are dying inside.

You have a difficult time accepting the boxes of limited,
judgmental belief systems.

You know there is more to this life than you have been told by conventional ‘reality’.

Judgment and narrow mindedness make you feel trapped because your spirit expands far into the reaches of the earth and cosmos.

You have often yearned to find a mentor or guide to help you discover your gifts and use them.


 WHY? Because the Ascension is upon us and if you yearn for sacred knowledge and a stronger connection to the Divine, the time to act is now, before the world acts for you. I know from personal experience that our lessons find us if we don’t find them, and if they arrive this way, it is often very painful and can take years of detours from our real purpose.

“I love the sense of sacredness that Elizabeth holds and just her reverence for ritual. I feel that I can infuse that into my ritual work.”- MARIAN TAUBINGER

We Begin with a LIVE (online) Commencement Ceremony!

Sunday, March 10th 11AM Pacific time, (first day of daylight savings time!) marks the commencement of this year’s Temple. We embark on our journey together with a live commencement ceremony where you will be able to meet Elizabeth and all your Valkyrie sisters for this year. The relationships formed in this sacred sisterhood last a lifetime. We will create a sacred container for our temple, share our intentions and weave the threads of our soul’s together.

Week 1 Finding & Setting Up Your Sacred Space

Before you embark on your priestess journey, it is important that you find and set up your sacred space. This will be the place where you will not be bothered, where you have privacy, and can set up your altar. You will receive your transmissions at your sacred space and you will come back to this place to center and align yourself with your inner heart and Divine purpose.

Week 2 Anatomy of the Cosmic World

Just as a doctor knows the anatomy of the human body, a priestess knows the anatomy of the cosmic world. This anatomy is often granted in visions, near death experiences and mystical initiations. Mystics across the globe agree on an essential anatomy of the cosmos that can be interacted with and navigated. A priestess journeys within this world, calling upon assistance from the realms to give her guidance and to help and heal.

Week 3 Establishing Your Direct Connection to Source

We come from Creator and we will go back to Creator. It is therefore, your birthright to have a direct connection to the Divine. How to connect to the Divine in order to call in the healing and blessing from God is the perennial mystic secret held for sincere initiates. The cornerstone of sacred initiation includes this transmission to forge a more personal realization and relationship with the Divine Light.

Week 4 Angelic Invocations and Light Decrees

We live in a conscious universe and a free will universe. Understanding this is essential for invoking assistance from our spiritual allies. Angels are light beings that are close to Source; the Light Divine and are at our assistance if and only if we ask. Knowing how to call in the angels and how to ask them for assistance is key for all shamans, medicine men/women and priestesses. You will be given specific formulas and word-for-word decrees to call in angelic and ascended master assistance for yourself, your family and the ones you are called to assist.

Week 5 Warrior Codes

Long ago, there existed sacred warrior societies with codes of conduct given to those sworn to protect family and country. These codes have survived inside of the true martial art lineages and have been handed down since. Only those who devote themselves become a black belt or master instructor are entrusted with these warrior codes. I was initiated into the rarefied warrior codes of real warriors because I earned master instructor rank and was responsible for schools and training black belts. In Valkyrie, I share the codes that have touched me the most and that I use in my personal and professional relationships.

Week 6 Banishing and Protection Ceremonies

We live in a free will universe full of diverse energies and entities. There are as many varied forces in the spirit world as we find in the material world. Because not every spirit or human serves the good, it is an essential aspect of all mystic, priestess and shaman initiates to know how to create protective spaces. You will receive specific ceremonies and decrees to protect your space and claim it for the Light.

Week 7 Womb Healing

The womb is the feminine Creatirx. She has magical powers both physically and spiritually. It is important for every woman and young woman to understand this power that you may be the one who chooses what you nurture and give birth to. An essential part of being a woman is knowing how to care for your womb space physically and energetically. In this sacred initiation, you will receive specific ways to honor your womb and heal-transmute anything that is less than light within it. Some of these ways come from the Taoist female masters who are renown for their healing abilities and power to remain healthy and youthful throughout a long life.

Week 8 Establishing Your Sacred Relationship to the Divine Masculine

Women give birth to a man’s dreams. We are the magnetic-attractive womb-space Creatrix. It is important to understand our alchemical power and nature in relation to the masculine to wield it properly and responsibly. If you want to to call in your sacred partner, or to nurture and inspire the one you have, it is important that you know the esoteric secrets of the Divine Feminine womb space.

We Close Temple with a LIVE (online) Graduation Ceremony!

Celebrate a journey well-traveled with your Valkyrie sisters in this live online ceremony! Share how you choose to walk your journey from this time on using your Valkyrie wisdom. We will thank the Powers that have assisted us in this journey and see how we can use the Valkyrie wisdom in our everyday life to live in sacred communion with the Divine and our spiritual helpers. Bless and release all involved. Blessed be!

“I really enjoyed the teaching on how to honor your alpha and not emasculate your man… and I just had no idea what I was doing. I realized my assertive nature was actually damaging the polarity between me and my partner, so I am learning how to sink into my feminine so he can be in his masculine.”- SHELLIE WHITE LIGHT

This temple space IS for you if…

  • You are ready to show up in your power & dedicate yourself to the Light
  • You are open to learn and to receive new information
  • You are ready to embrace the feminine frequencies of healing, love and fierce devotion
  • You desire to live your sacred purpose now!
  • You want to feel more whole, aligned and on mission
  • You are able to be a strong member of the sisterhood
  • You can embrace your sisters with love, inclusiveness and compassion

This course is not for you if…

  • You are ‘just curious’
  • You do not believe in God/Great Spirit/Goddess/The Light, angels and spirit guides
  • You are in need of deep psychological or spiritual healing
  • You already know it all & are uncomfortable being a student
  • You are negative and judgmental
  • If you cannot honor confidentiality
  • You have any ulterior motives











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“With her balanced masculine and really grounded feminine, Elizabeth was someone I could rest into and trust being vulnerable in this space.”– LINDSAY PAIGE-BEAUDRY



Valkyrie 2019 begins March 10th!

“I knew just from seeing her webinars and talking to Elizabeth that she was a powerful woman. I knew that she had a lot of training, a lot of knowledge, a lot of courage and I felt confident that she would be a good guide for me.”


Take a sacred stand for the future of the earth and your loved ones!


I Am So Excited Because You Will Have These Tools To Manifest Your Sacred Dreams:

A stronger connection to the Divine and healing Light


The invocations of the Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides


Powerful protection and banishing ceremonies that work!


Rare warrior codes that clarify and empower all your relations


Rarefied knowledge of how to call in and communicate with your Divine masculine


Sacred womb healing practices and wisdom from the Taoist female masters


Get the support, confidence & inner strength to manifest your dreams!


“I learned how to create sacred space and how to hold that space, how to connect with Spirit that before seemed so elusive, so unattainable and be able to take that connection to Spirit and the angelic realms and feel I have a personal connection to them.”–SHELBY SEEGMILLER

Frequently Asked Questions:


Valkyrie 2019 Schedule: Valkyrie will span 8 Weeks.

Live Commencement Ceremony: Sunday, March 10th at 11 AM PST 

Transmissions sent to your inbox each Tuesday: March 12, 19, 26/April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Live group coaching: Saturdays @ 11AM: March 23/April 6, 20(Passover)/ May 4th

Live Graduation Ceremony with coaching Sat. 11 AM PST May 4th

Everything will be recorded and all course materials made available for one year in your private membership portal.


The transmissions will be delivered to your inbox each Tuesday by 11AM. The live group coaching sessions will be offered via You will be sent instructions on how to access this.


We are very confident that you will love the teachings, that we are offering a full refund within the first week of the course. If you do not like the course or you need to drop our for any reason, we offer a full refund in the first seven days after the course begins.


The course materials will be available for one year in your personal membership portal so that you can anchor in the teachings during that time.


While we appreciate any man that would like to take this course, it is only open to women. The reason being is that many of the teachings are designed specifically for women and the women joining are expecting that it is women only.


 Only you can give yourself permission to live your Divine calling. If you yearn for sacred knowledge and a stronger connection to the Divine, the time to act is now, as we are in the time of the Ascension and soul-quickening. We are being called to action — to live our sacred life now. The future of the world literally depends on those of us who will stand for the sacred and it is of vital importance that those who choose, be empowered with the tools to navigate this sacred passage.

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